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The Offence (1972) – Part Two

I thought it worthwhile to show some more screenshots from the Connery movie “The Offence” today. It gives some idea as to what parts of Bracknell were like in the early 70s.

Great Hollands from Wildridings

A view of Great Hollands from Wildridings. It all looks so new. What also strikes me is that it looks so quiet. There’s barely a car on the road.

Point Royal

Point Royal, built in 1964,  is one of the tallest buildings in Bracknell (is it the tallest? does anyone know? I assume it’s not taller than the 3M building), it’s also Grade II listed! It’s also the home of Sean Connery in the picture.


All of the outdoor scenes for The Offence were done in Bracknell but I don’t recognise this building. It may be that I am making a bit of a fool of myself here but I can’t work out where this is…