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#bck in the Twitterverse this week

Twitter is a social networking tool that’s becoming more and more popular. It’s technically a “micro-blogging” site and is quite a difficult thing to explain. Anyway I’ve compiled some tweets about Bracknell this week to show you all what’s been going on in our town in the past week or so.

Bah! Seems like a depressing review of Bracknell, however just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, we get a kiss! x

I think this is Ice Hockey, Bracknell Bees threw away a strong lead to lose to Manchester. Just like the football club the ice hockey team haven’t had the best of times recently.

Gah! Another person slating our sunny metropolis, there’s nowt wrong with the office being in Bracknell.

I suggest you bask in their reflected glory.

I am quite upset no one told me about the Cossack dancing.

You are unlikely to ever come across a more accurate description of Bracknell – unless you were to find one that mention the underpasses!

Ah, and this is me, bitching about our local MP Andrew Mackay. Dazmando covers some of his expenses claims in his blog today.

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